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Tot Program

Tot School Program

At Learning to Flourish, the Tot Program stands as a beacon of innovation for early childhood learning. Catering to children between the ages of two and three, this program emphasizes playful, educational interactions tailored to their evolving needs.


Advantage of Multi-Age Groupings 
Distinctive in its approach, the Tot Program champions multi-age groupings. This creates a dynamic ecosystem where younger children soak in knowledge by observing and imitating, while their older peers naturally step into roles of leadership, setting examples to follow. This nurturing setting, reminiscent of a cozy home environment, ensures every child feels safe, valued, and poised for growth.

Journey through our Emergent Curriculum
At Learning to Flourish, every day is a blend of self-led exploration and carefully orchestrated discovery sessions. Our academic endeavors introduce children to the wonders of emergent literacy and the building blocks of mathematical reasoning. Taking it a notch higher, our Studio thematic lessons stretch across weeks, cementing deep, meaningful connections. Through this collaborative journey of inquiry, both educators and young learners pose questions, dive into research, and chronicle newfound understandings. We're ardent believers in tailoring learning experiences, ensuring each child's unique needs and curiosities are met with innovation and flexibility.


Celebrating Creative Development  
Creativity isn't just an activity in the Tot Program; it's a language, a medium to express, explore, and expand horizons. Recognizing the immense value of play, we've created spaces that invite imagination, craftsmanship, and uninhibited exploration. Our curriculum, backed by research, reinforces the countless skills children acquire when they plunge into the world of active play. From crafting stories in imaginative play sessions to creating art and experimenting with diverse materials, every moment in the Tot Program is a step towards holistic growth.

Join us, and let's co-create a world where every child flourishes.

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