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Tot Program

Tot School Program

The Tot Program is an educational, play-based program designed for children around two to three years of age. 


Multi-Age Groupings What sets us apart from other early childhood learning centers? Well, classrooms consist of multi-age groupings where younger children thrive as they learn through observation and imitation. In comparison, the older children gain leadership skills by acting as models for their younger counterparts. The intimate structure of the school mimics a home-environment where we foster a sense of comfort and security. 


Emergent Curriculum Each day consists of a delicate balance of self-directed play and guided discovery activities. Academic discovery activities and lessons expose the children to emergent literacy skills and foundational mathematical thinking. Studio thematic lessons span for several weeks to enable students to develop lasting connections. Our teachers and children participate in investigations by asking questions, researching, and recording new insights. We believe learning acquisition results from instructional practices that engage the senses, a variety of learning styles, and diverse interests. We adapt our teaching methods and content in innovative ways to meet each child's unique needs.


Creative Learning and Development Did you know that creativity is a form of communication? Tot School fosters multi-dimensional creativity while allowing for exploration. We value the power of play. Research supports the idea that children develop a wide range of skills from engaging in active play. Our classroom environment grants children the time and space to participate in imaginative play, arts and crafts, and tinkering with loose parts. 

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