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Preschool Program


Learning to Flourish has a comprehensive Preschool program for children ages three to four years of age. 


Social Skills Social connectivity is more critical than ever before. We are intentional about helping our students develop positive relationships. Our students enjoy learning about emotions, communication, listening, collaboration, and compassion when their verbal development is surging. They engage in playful lessons that include reading stories and modeling prosocial behaviors during imaginative play. 


Fostering Independence The Preschool program cultivates independence and reinforces the formation of positive self-esteem. The daily rhythm provides opportunities for our students to experience success. Our teachers design simple lessons, and the children have ongoing exposure to familiar concepts. The children quickly gain satisfaction and pride from performing tasks without support.

Inquiry-Based Learning Our rich curriculum integrates multiple subject areas and allows for in-depth exploration of topics. We enable our students’ sense of wonder to guide the development of the curriculum. Preschool children actively participate in the learning process by asking questions, sharing information, and making connections. The classroom environment and educational tools are always changing. We strive to encourage the children to explore and observe to build new knowledge through meaningful experiences.


Preschool Program
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