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Pre-Kindergarten Program

We offer a high-quality kindergarten readiness program for children ages four through five. 


Small Class Sizes We are committed to providing low teacher-student ratios that are significantly below state requirements. Maintaining small classes optimizes harmonious relationships within the classroom, allows the children to engage in more in-depth conversations, and positively impacts achievement. 


Passionate Teachers Research suggests there is a relationship between teacher happiness and student happiness. We have diligently committed to nourishing a culture of wellness in the workplace. Our teachers are passionate about teaching each of their students from a whole-child approach.  It's evident that our passionate teachers live out our core values and guiding principles. Teachers collaborate with parents to write individualized learning goals. The daily rhythm includes a focus on emergent literacy plus foundational mathematical concepts and skills using best-educational practices. 


Hands-on Learning Our classroom environment is static to reflect the curriculum plus accommodate children's learning styles and preferences. Students engage in play-based activities with manipulatives that arouse their senses, nurture creativity, and evoke a sense of wonder. The children have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning to explore literacy, math, social studies, and science competencies. The school day has options for the children to work independently, cooperatively with their peers, and directly with teachers. 

Pre-Kindergarten Program
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