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What is Positive Education?

What is Positive Education

Positive Education is a transformative approach that seamlessly blends academic excellence with the tenets of Positive Psychology. Founded by the esteemed psychologist, Professor Martin Seligman, this approach leans on his groundbreaking PERMA theory and the Values in Action (VIA) framework. The PERMA model underscores five pivotal elements of mental wellness: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment, while the VIA framework amplifies virtues like wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence.

At its core, Positive Education is designed to elevate each individual's journey towards holistic well-being, empowering them to lead purposeful, fulfilled lives. Multiple research endeavors affirm the prowess of Positive Education. By fostering an environment steeped in happiness and well-being, it enhances attentiveness, creativity, and fosters a robust sense of community among students. The benefits are manifold – from reduced anxiety levels to superior capabilities in navigating challenges. When students operate from a space of positivity and contentment, their academic engagement soars, and they demonstrate commendable resilience in their pursuits. (Fischer, 2015). At Learning to Flourish, Positive Education is not just an approach; it's our ethos. By harmonizing traditional pedagogical methods with evidence-backed practices, we aim for nothing short of nurturing flourishing minds.

What is Positive Education? ​

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