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Learning to Flourish, an avant-garde micro-preschool, proudly serves the New Albany and Gahanna communities. At the core of our ethos is fostering nurturing relationships with our students and their families. Grounded in the rigorous principles of Positive Education, our commitment is unwavering - to deliver unparalleled quality and captivate our students in immersive learning experiences. By joining our community, you become part of a movement where students not only shine academically but also imbibe profound insights into well-being, leading them towards joyous and purposeful lives.


We're Seeking Passionate Educators!

As a valued member of our teaching staff, your role would encompass:

- Crafting a nurturing and supportive ambiance for our young learners to flourish.

- Building enduring bonds with students, their families, and fellow educators.
- Orchestrating purposeful activities and lessons that resonate with the curiosity of young minds.
- Guiding students towards realizing their limitless potential.
- Championing the pivotal role of resilience and optimism in nurturing holistic well-being.
- Designing and facilitating sessions that nurture students' innate love for learning, stoking their creativity, and bolstering their self-reliance.

Our Prerequisites:
We seek educators with a minimum of two years' experience, radiating passion and dedication to their craft.

Why Choose Learning to Flourish?

Join us and be rewarded with competitive remuneration, a comprehensive benefits suite, and ample avenues for professional growth and ascension within our vibrant organization.


Become a beacon of positive change and transformation at Learning to Flourish! We eagerly await your contribution to our journey.

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