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Enrollment Process

Enrollment is available all year. We do not conduct formal assessments to enroll children or report child-level data to ODJFS. Parents are encouraged to participate in a virtual or in-person tour to learn about the schools guiding principles and educational philosophy before enrolling. We want to ensure our families understand and agree with our educational practices to promote successful outcomes for all parties. An application must be submitted, and a non-refundable deposit of $200 must be made to enroll. Every family must attend an orientation before their child's first school day. During orientation, parents will share important information about their child and learn about the school's safety protocol and general practices.

Parents may choose to add their child to our waitlist. The waitlist is a way to express strong interest but does not guarantee enrollment. We are committed to giving priority to parents on the waitlist when spots become available. Parents will be contacted to be offered a spot before it is given to another child as long as they are old enough to begin the program for which they are on the waitlist.

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