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Enrollment Process at Learning to Flourish


Year-Round Enrollment:
Enrollment at Learning to Flourish is open throughout the year, ensuring we're ready to welcome your child whenever you decide to join our community.


Getting to Know Us:
Before commencing the enrollment process, we warmly invite parents for a personalized tour, available both virtually and in-person. This gives you an opportunity to delve into our guiding principles and unique educational philosophy. It's essential for us that families resonate with our approach, laying the foundation for a successful educational partnership.


Simple Enrollment Steps:
1. Application Submission: Begin your child's enriching journey with us by submitting an application.
2. One-time Deposit: Secure your child's place with a non-refundable deposit of $200.
3. Orientation Session: To ensure a smooth transition, every family attends an orientation. This gathering is a space for parents to share valuable insights about their child and to acquaint themselves with our safety protocols and general school ethos.


Express Your Interest with Our Waitlist:
If immediate enrollment isn't feasible, parents can opt to join our waitlist. While this doesn't guarantee a spot, it expresses your keen interest in joining our community. We always prioritize our waitlisted families, ensuring that when a suitable spot becomes available, they are the first to know.

At Learning to Flourish, every step of your journey, from your first inquiry to your child's first day, is designed to reflect our dedication to holistic growth and ensuring the family's peace of mind. Let's flourish together!

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