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Guiding Principles

Positive Education At Learning to Flourish, we have modeled our educational values after Positive Education principles. Positive Education is grounded in Positive Psychology and educational research. It’s a scientific study that focuses on promoting optimal wellbeing and character development for students and teachers alike. We have committed to implementing research-based practices shown to increase happiness.


Premier Services We value our families. We invest time in maintaining open communication and building positive rapport with parents. We are committed to providing exceptional quality childcare.

To support our families we,

  • provide Huggies diapers and hypoallergenic wipes

  • supply cot sheets and blankets

  • offer fresh fruits and vegetables with lunch


Small Class Sizes We believe children thrive academically due to responsive and warm interactions with their teachers. We are committed to maintaining teacher-to-student ratios well below state licensing requirements. 


Highly Effective Teachers We hire dedicated teachers who are passionate about developing positive relationships with our students. Our teachers exemplify our core values and mission statement, and it is reflected in their relationship with our students. 


Exclusive Curriculum Our curriculum engages children in purposeful learning experiences that spark their innate sense of wonder. We have developed an effective curriculum based on best practices in early childhood education. We value the creative process, experiential learning, emergent literacy, early mathematical understanding, and outdoor education. 


Wholesome Food Tuition includes a nutritious breakfast, fresh fruit and vegetables to compliment lunch and a snack. We believe a healthy diet promotes optimal well-being. The ingredients used to craft each meal are carefully selected. We are committed to providing organic meats and dairy. We subscribe to the dirty dozen and clean 15 practices. We also accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions. 

About Us
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